lundi 19 mars 2012

Craig Scott wins Toronto--Danforth on Twitter-front

The NDP candidate for the by-election in Toronto--Danforth is poised to keep the seat for his party if the results at the polls mirror the action on Twitter. While he is only slightly ahead of Green Party candidate Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu there, the popularity of his predecessor, the late Jack Layton, should give him the edge.

While the contest has been billed as a change for Liberals to get back into action with candidate Grant Gordon, he hasn’t come close to attracting the attention that Scott has. With 1349 Twitter followers, Scott leads Gordon who only has 1020. Still, Gordon has gained a higher percentage of followers since my tracking began back in February. He has 33% more followers than on February 17 whereas law professor Scott has 24% more. He started further behind and hasn’t come close to catching up.

Quiet throughout the contest has been Andrew Keyes of the Conservatives. As a communications specialist, he must know that there is little to gain in communicating with the constituency unless you are in the race. The Conservatives are seemingly opting to sit this one out just like certain GOP candidates don’t compete in Iowa instead focusing on New Hampshire in the primaries.

Adriana Mugnatto-Hamu is one of the top operatives of the Green Party’s office and as such, is one of their strongest voices. She has been active in sharing that voice with over 1000 Tweets to her name and with about 110 on average for each week of the campaign. A following has developed but there is still more than a Tweet per follower to her name.

Expect Scott to win as the overall NDP feeling in Toronto--Danforth continues.

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