lundi 29 juin 2009

We all need a Teddy Bear

When the night falls and the lights go off, it becomes easy to simply give in to the pillow’s call and the longing for sleep when one is alone. But with the head at rest, the mind starts the thinking it has put off all day. This can be avoided when another one joins us in our bed without any consideration but to avoid thought and get busy doing something else. We all need a teddy bear. There are a few reasons for this person who keeps us warm at night. Of course, the enjoyment of the acts in which we engage but also the security that having such a person offers. A little investigation will find how this is not as simple as it sounds.

The real reason most people say that a teddy bear is useful is for the fun of the activities taking place. By choosing the same person more than once, making a habit of it, a build-up and knowledge of each others preferences can make it better and better each time and the awkward moments should theoretically disappear. Another important factor is that it does distract us from that ever disturbing need to think about issues that are out of our hands. The energy that is consumed means that by the end, it is normal to simply find the sleep rather than search it in the pillow. This can save many troubling evenings of soul searching and tears. Everyone deserves someone who can save them from the discomforts of unwanted loneliness. A teddy bear can be the pill to dull the pain of everyday life but can be so much more, even the remedy to the hurt.

The teddy bear can be the one to comfort rather than merely its presence. In a certain sense, a teddy bear can give us the satisfaction of knowing that we are alright. By visiting repeatedly, there is an unspoken reassurance that we are acceptable, maybe even enjoyable to spend time with and that despite our faults, they can be overcome and are not overbearing, at least in that sense. A teddy bear can also save us from the cold dark night, when we think we are alone on this planet. It happens that we do not understand what is going on in the world around and all we need is to share a bed, to share a breath and all is well. The noise that surrounds us disappears without a single word to be spoken and nothing is wrong then. This is how we can change the lonely and negative nights into comforting and positive evenings. Then come those precious seconds between fun and sleep when words can mean everything or nothing. Finding a teddy bear who can listen in carefully to worries or joys can lead to a much stronger relationship and in fact can help to go far beyond the original reasoning behind the teddy bear. There are few things as important as someone who can listen to the most meaningless and meaningful words one has to say and if this function can be done when one is the most vulnerable or confident, this can ease the flow tenfold. The role of the teddy bear that one receives as a child and sleep with for a few years can also be fulfilled by a person, if one chooses to call them that and their relative ‘usefulness’ is augmented.

Teddy bears can be much more than cute and cuddly objects that we hold near to us during the viciousness of night; they can become an important part of our lives even to the point of becoming part of our life during the day. The human teddy bear can provide pleasure and make the night go by more quickly but can also offer security in terms of self-acceptance and listening to the worries of every day life. The important thing is to make sure not to abuse teddy bears, because good ones are hard to find.

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